Yoga Retreats

Escape . Immerse . Unwind


FALL in love with yourself - October 2018

Take time for self-reflection, self-care, and self-love. By taking care of ourselves during the transition from summer to fall, we set ourselves up for a healthy and vibrant fall and winter.


Set Your Soul on Fire - August 2018

What feeds your soul? That very thing that makes your heart sing is part of the reason why you are here. It’s your purpose in life! 

Living Life in Full Bloom - May 2018

We celebrated the beauty within each of us and all around us, connecting with the spirit of nature, and learning how to bring purpose and meaning into our lives each day. 



Afternoon Autumn Allay - November 2017

As the trees shed their leaves and show us how lovely it is to let go, we took this time to also let go of the things that no longer serve purpose in our lives. To 'allay' means to put to rest, to soothe and to calm...and that is exactly what we did! A heart and hip opening yoga class in an old schoolhouse followed by a hike to the river to meditate. We enjoyed a delicious nourishing meal and a bonfire to complete the night.

August 2016

We escaped, immersed, and unwound in a large Victorian castle, situated atop a hill that overlooked miles and miles of the green trees of Hocking Hills. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and incredible scenery while practicing yoga outdoors as often as we could. With self-help workshops, various styles of yoga classes, and quiet meditation classes, we left Hocking Hills feeling peaceful and calm.



August 2015

We embarked on a journey down to Salt Fork for our 2015 yoga retreat. We enjoyed beautiful scenery, luxury cabins, and glorious weather while satisfying our minds, bodies, and souls. With educational and spiritual workshops, partner yoga classes, meditation classes, and classes to open our chakras, we left Salt Fork different people. And, we still had time to hike and enjoy the pool at the Salt Fork Lodge!

September 2014

We gathered in Hocking Hills for a peaceful and relaxing weekend yoga retreat. We focused on healthy meals and yoga classes that opened and soothed the mind, body, and soul. We had plenty of time to hike, zip line, relax in the hot tub, and just about anything else our soul craved. Breathing, Bandhas, meditation, vinyasa, and restorative yoga classes were offered throughout the weekend.