Kelly Patrick (Owner)

Kelly is a Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour certified yoga instructor. She completed her yoga teaching training through Lifetime Fitness in Beachwood, Ohio after years of practicing yoga at studios all around Cleveland and in Michigan with Jonny Kest. Her classes are designed and structured in the traditional Hatha yoga, which integrates and incorporates the mental, spiritual, and physical teachings of yoga.

She is also a certified and licensed occupational therapy assistant (COTA/L).  She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1999 and has practiced occupational therapy on everyone from children to seniors. Her current practice is focused on rehabilitating adults and seniors. She lives in Olmsted Falls with her two children.

She offers individual and group sessions and has all the necessary equipment to enhance your experience.


Lisa Ackim

Lisa is Licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board and has been since 2004. In addition to practicing Therapeutic Swedish-Based massage, she also practices Thai Massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Pre-Natal or Pregnancy Massage and Reiki. Lisa is a 2004 graduate of Cuyahoga Community College and received her Thai Massage training in the Cleveland area from, Studio 11 in Tremont and The Studio Cleveland in the Flats. She received her Reiki Master Practitioner status through Julie Sylvestro - Reiki Master/Teacher. Lisa received her Certification as a Yoga Instructor at the 200 hr level through Pink Lotus Yoga in Lakewood in the Summer of 2014. Under Marcia Camino and Julie Brown's tutelage, she was trained in eight different styles of Yoga.

In addition to receiving massage, Lisa enjoys running, practicing yoga, hiking, and music.


Melissa Bristow

Melissa is a local instructor from North Olmsted. She completed her yoga teacher training at Puma Yoga in Lakewood in 2016. She is also an Occupational Therapy Assistant for local nursing facilities. She first got into yoga as a good balance to her love of running. After taking yoga classes for 8 years and falling in love with the practice, she decided to take the training to deepen her practice and spiritual level.

Melissa is a marathon runner and enjoys complimenting her running with yoga.


Jackie Chavez-Anderson

In 2018, Jackie became certified in Ayurveda Health Education and began my journey to become an Ayurveda Health Counselor. Ayurveda, which translates to the to “the science or knowledge of life.” is the sister science to yoga and has been practiced for over 5,000 years. The optimum goal of Ayurveda is to recognize and nurture the balance of mind and body, and to make conscious lifestyle decisions that will optimize your individualized constituation (vata/pitta/kapha).

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to health and wellness. The philosophy of Ayurveda encourages us to make conscious lifestyle decisions regarding our overall health based on our individuated constitutions (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). In 2019, Jackie established A New HoriZen health and wellness consultation business. To learn more about what Ayurveda has to offer please visit the website at:


Suzanne Corley

Suzanne had been a group fitness instructor for twenty years when she was first introduced to yoga. Challenging, humbling, and exhilarating are the words she uses to describe this experience. "Yoga was the missing component in my fitness routine, as well as in my life in general. Once I experienced the healing and rejuvenating connection between mind, body, and spirit, there was no turning back."

Earning her yoga teaching certification allows Suzanne to share her passion for Vinyasa yoga. "With the breath as our foundation, I lead an energetic yet restful and challenging yet compassionate series of asanas/poses and let Grace-filled yoga do the rest!"


Lisa Gianvito

Lisa is a 500 E-RYT yoga teacher and certified health/life coach, owner of Lisa Gianvito Yoga and Wellness and creator of the 22 day mind~body~spirit Detox.

Lisa is dedicated to sharing the mind, body, spirit connection through her yoga and wellness practices. She received her 200 hr. certification through OM Yoga NYC, Cyndi Lee, in 2005 and completed her 500 hr. with Tymi Howard, owner of Guruv Yoga and International yoga teacher. Her goal is to make yoga accessible to everyBody offering fun, energetic classes that motivate guide and support each individual.

Lisa absolutely loves a great Kula "A Community of Heart."


Bridget Graney

Bridget completed her 200 hour training with 3 Sisters Carrie Treister in 2017. In July 2017, Bridget continued her education through Kidding Around Yoga with Christopher McCooey and Haris Harini. Through this training she was able to enhance her ability and knowledge to teach children and family yoga classes. In October 2017 she attended Assisting 101 with Deidre Wenzel and Colleen Kane. During the academic school year, Bridget is teaching 2nd grade, she's a dual certified elementary teacher. When she's not teaching and practicing yoga, you will find Bridget running, cross training, and working on painting and drawing.

Bridget teaches from the heart and has a passion and desire to help others. She enjoys making yoga accessible to everyone. During her yoga classes it's not just about movement, it's about connecting and allowing you to take the time for yourself, forming that mind-body-spirit connection. This is something Bridget believes in and continuously works on in her own daily practice. 


Jessica Hubbard

Jessica is a trained Kid’s Yoga teacher through Kidding Around Yoga and ChildLight Yoga. A kindergarten teacher by trade, she decided to go through official kid’s yoga training after having incorporated yoga practices into my every day classroom teaching for several years. After implementing yoga and mindfulness in her classroom, she immediately noticed a positive impact on my students' focus, self esteem, and social-emotional health. She expanded her teaching of yoga to kids beyond the school day, and thus began teaching kid’s yoga at local yoga studios since 2015 to children of all ages and developmental levels. She teaches kid’s yoga as an after school club to my kindergartners at the Olmsted Falls ECC, and loves seeing familiar faces from school join the COLY kid’s classes. The classes emphasize a fun, playful, and creative approach to yoga, and she enjoys it just as much as the kids do!

When not teaching, Jessica is running, hiking, reading, and of course, practicing yoga!


Julie Kemper

Julie, a former Second Grade Elementary school teacher at Olmsted Falls City Schools, merged her passion for teaching children with her love for yoga to become a Kids Yoga Instructor in 2016. She has been teaching students yoga at Circle of Life and in the surrounding area ever since, including specialized classes for Special Needs Students. Julie received her training at Cleveland Yoga in Beachwood, Ohio for kids yoga and recently was certified for adult yoga through Chagrin Yoga in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her years in the classroom into the yoga studio to teach students how to utilize the poses and breathing techniques to keep calm and centered under the pressures and stress of today’s world.


Danielle Krimer

Danielle began practicing yoga in 2006 as a way to combat anxiety and become stronger mentally and physically. She immediately fell in love with the way the breath and movement made her mind and body feel, both on and off the mat.

After years of practicing and savoring the moments her many teachers provided for her, she decided to follow the same path, and completed Prana Yoga’s 200-hour Joy and Service Teacher Training Program in 2016.

Danielle’s classes are fun, positive experiences, where students connect their physical and spiritual selves. She likes to add a dose of inspiration as a way to help deepen the practice, encouraging students to be mindful and compassionate, living their yoga not only in the studio, but in their everyday lives.

Danielle’s yoga philosophy is, “If you’re alive and breathing, you can practice yoga!”



Josie Miller

Josie began to truly deepen her yoga practice at a time when it was needed in her life. Perhaps, yoga found her rather than she found yoga. Josie graduated from John Carroll University in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a minor in business. She began to enhance her yoga practice as a post-graduate. After being a high school and collegiate tennis player, Josie discovered that she needed a different physical outlet. Yoga was this answer.

While initially realizing its physical benefits, Josie noticed that yoga benefited her mentally and spiritually as well. She received her RYT-200 certification through the Carrie Treister School of Yoga in May 2018. Josie’s intent is to help others receive the same benefits that yoga has provided for her. As a teacher, she believes it is her purpose is to make yoga fun and appealing to all through movement, music, and meditation. Whether it be the beginning of a student’s yoga journey or just a step towards deepening one’s practice, Josie loves to be a part of her students’ growth.


Katie Oradini

Katie is a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor, trained through The Source Energy Yoga Studio in Lakewood, Ohio. Katie studied Community and Public Health at Ohio University and has a bachelor’s in Health Sciences. She has been practicing yoga since 2015, originally seeking the practice to help cope with and ease her anxiety. She quickly came to fall in love with the practice of yoga and realize the countless benefits including physical, mental, and emotional. She then developed the desire to become a teacher to spread her passion and love for the practice and help others find healing and peace. Yoga has helped Katie improve her daily life and anxiety, on and off her mat, and connect with students. In her spare time, she also enjoys the outdoors with her golden retriever Honey and quality time with family and friends.

Her classes are centered on the themes of self-love, stress and anxiety reduction, and strong focus on the breath. She strives for her students to leave her classes feeling relaxed yet empowered. Teaching yoga gives her the reward of making an impact on people’s lives and health, class by class, student by student.

“If throughout my teaching career, I make a positive impact on just one student, then I can consider myself successful.”


Alina Qureshi

Alina’s yoga journey began in 2013 and from her first class she was hooked by its magical healing abilities. As the years progressed her love for yoga grew and her thirst for a deeper understanding grew as well. In 2016, she took a trip to this beautiful city Samana in Dominican Republic where she spent a week connecting with the earth and herself. The experience was ethereal. For that week the jungle became her home. She lived in a tree house where the healing abilities of the tropical rainforest became her reality. What she found was a desire to share the healing abilities of the rain, sun, sand, and lush forest with the world. These were the blessings which this experience brought to her and she can think of no better way to share them than through the practice of yoga. It is through the practice and teaching of yoga that she tries to bring spiritual, physical, and mental healing to her students and the world.

Yoga brings her to a state of the most serene peace and she is here and ready to share it with her beautiful students. 


Jackie Walsh

Born and raised in Fairview Park, Jackie was first exposed to yoga in high school gym class. She dabbled on and off throughout college but more seriously began her practice in 2012. In October of 2014 she traveled to Bali, Indonesia to complete a 200 hour teacher training with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch of YogaWorks. While in Bali she also decided to complete a 100 hour Yin Yoga training with the same teachers. Yoga has allowed her to get to know herself on a much deeper level than she ever thought possible, and she is extremely excited to be sharing this wonderful gift of yoga to others. During her classes she tries to lead her students through a practice that connects their body, mind and soul. She aims to have you feeling lighter and brighter after every class, offering modifications for all skill levels and all body types regardless of class style.

She wants her students to feel empowered to take their practice off the mat and live a more balanced life. 



Kristen Wilson

A resident of Olmsted Township! Kristen discovered her practice after having two children and trying every type of fitness fitting her busy work and home schedule. She quickly learned and preferred the physicality and mentality of her yoga practice. She is a 200 RYT graduate and trained locally in the Vinyasa (matching breath and movement) practice. Kristen’s classes will help you generate the internal fire needed to inspire and deepen your practice. Her gratitude for sharing her students’ practice and space is her main motivation for teaching. She understands beginners and continues to bring a ‘beginner’ mentality with a humble attitude to her own practice. All of her classes will offer gentle suggestions to sweeten poses making sure you walk away feeling welcomed, complete, and refreshed!

“Yoga makes me feel beautiful, capable, and healthy! I want everyone to feel this fulfilled.”